Top Questions To Ask Before Considering Denver’s Auto Hail Repair Service

When your ride gets damaged by hail during a severe storm, your initial reaction is to have your car checked for emergency PDR (paintless dent repair) immediately. And though at times the damage can be minimal, most Denver locals know that it will only take a golf ball-sized hailstone to cause a total wreck on your vehicle.

But don’t dismay as most auto shops in Denver can handle different kinds of dent issues due to hail so your car will look good as new.  And if you’re considering having your hail-damaged car repaired soon, then it’s important to continue reading this guide as we are going to tackle the top questions to ask before considering Denver’s auto hail repair service.

Asking The Right Questions Will Lead You To The Best Auto Repair Outfit In Denver

How will you be able to know that you have chosen a qualified PDR team to deal with your dent problems? A few telltale signs will help you indicate if a prospect shop will provide high quality service. And you will find these signs by asking these top questions while choosing Denver’s auto hail repair service to hire:

How Much Is The Cost And Why It’s Being Charge That Way? – It’s always important to get a detailed estimate of your dent issue so you’ll be able to allocate a budget for the repair ahead of time.

Also, the employees in Denver’s auto hail repair service shops must be able to provide a clear explanation of why the service is being charged that way. If they’ll be able to justify the proposed rate with the work involved, then it goes to show that they really know what they’re doing.

Can You Explain To Me The Process Involved In Dealing With The Hail Damage That I Have? – An exceptional PDR service shop should have no trouble explaining the repair process in detail to their customers. If their explanation is a little vague, then it’s a red flag telling you to choose other PDR companies as they might not be able to provide high-quality work.

Where Can I Find Reviews About Your Previous Work? – Social validation can also be a determining factor in your selection process. So don’t hesitate to ask the shops if they can provide online reviews and links about their previous works from past customers.

But don’t just stop there because some shops will only provide positive reviews, and even worse, they might even give you fake reviews to impress you. So try to ask some of your friends if they know someone who has tried out your prospect’s PDR service and get an honest feedback firsthand.

Do You Offer Warranties? – You also need to ask this question in order to avoid additional expenses apart from the proposed rate. Top PDR shops in Denver will always provide a lifetime warranty for the services they offer.


When you’re considering the best shops in Denver’s auto hail repair service, it is important to have the questions that are listed above prepared when you begin the process. With this information you can be sure that you are making a good choice and getting the right service for the job that you need.

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