The clash of Clans Book Review

The clash of clans book and DVD by Robin D. Anderson is a work I really enjoyed. It was difficult for me to decide whether or not I should read the whole thing. If you are interested in ancient warfare and strategy, this book will satisfy your needs. For those who are new to the subject and would like to get an in depth look at some of the battles and terminologies used, this book provides that as well.

Before beginning the book, there is a quick introduction on the history of war. This provides background information that makes the events in the book feel more realistic. This is also an important part of the book as it sets up the context for the events you will be reading about. At the end of this information is a brief description of how the reader should proceed. In this book, you have the option of reading it straight through or skipping to certain chapters if you feel you need something else. Each chapter begins with a brief summary of what you will find in that section, so there is no confusion with the information.

I really enjoyed the detailed description of how battles were fought during the time period in question. I especially liked the mention of how different cultures viewed the property and that battles often took a toll on the psyche of those who fought them. I also really enjoyed the look into the psyche of Generals Gough and Montgomery. It is interesting information that gives the reader insight into the minds of war leaders.

The book contains very detailed notes and pictures throughout. The maps are color coded to show the location of each battle. There is also a glossary of military terms provided. The bibliography provides additional information, both general and research related, which is readily available to the reader.

I really enjoyed reading through the histories and the military tactics presented. The author, who is a retired Army Intelligence officer, covers all the bases with this complex subject and provides extremely valuable information. This is an excellent, thorough, and fascinating read. If you are looking for a new book on this topic, then The Clans of Conflict of Clans will most definitely be worth your while. For the military and history lover, this is an excellent choice.

If you have not yet checked out the book, then now is a great time to do so. The author has provided a very comprehensive review. I particularly enjoyed reading about the cultural aspects of the period. The characters in the book, and their conflicts are well written and portrayed. The history is engaging and the pictures are superb. This is a must have for any fan of military fiction.